Wireless Mobility Test and Validation Engineer – Redmond, WA

MIW is seeking a professional and enthusiastic individual to join the Wireless Network Engineering team.


  • Good understanding of 3GPP end to end call flows in the Wireless Mobility NW (including UMTS and LTE)
  • Strong understanding of 3GPP Mobility Control Plane Architecture
  • Strong understanding of 3GPP Packet Core NW interface specifications
  • Understand the MME pool and the SGSN pool concept.
  • Understand 3GPP Network Sharing Architecture, i.e., MOCN and GWCN
  • Understand 3GPP DNS procedures and concepts (i.e., S-NAPTR procedures and NAPTR records)
  • Understand the 3GPP QoS architecture (UMTS and LTE) and QoS preemption concepts
  • Independent and self-driven
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Job location

Redmond, WA